June 11, 2016

New Orleans, Louisiana: Historic French Quarter family attraction will find new life at Jazzland Theme Park. Napoleon, Marie Laveau, and even Dracula, are currently being moved into storage to make way for new condos at their former home on Conti Street. The collection will be kept intact for future display at the new theme park.

"We are excited to be able to preserve this New Orleans treasure and to give it new life," said Tonya Pope, president of TPC-NOLA who is behind efforts to re-open Jazzland. As Jazzland will highlight Louisiana's unique art, music and cultural heritage, the Musee Conti Historical Wax Museum collection will fit in well with the other planned attractions. "We have just recently started design work on the building that will house the wax figures, but preliminary plans call for a ride attraction that takes guests through the historic scenes." New scenes, wax figures, animatronics, and other features may be added as the design work progresses. The company is planning to use the Haunted Dungeon figures separately within the park, primarily during the Halloween season. The collection is being acquired through the Jazzland Foundation, a 501(c)(3) private foundation.

The former Musee Conti building is slated to become 16 high end condos, including three penthouses and onsite covered parking. "We are happy to see the wax figures stay as a complete collection," said developer Jonathan Weber.

Jazzland Theme Park - Updated Proposal Submitted to City
April 12, 2016

"City wants to sell. We want to buy." At the most recent IDB meeting, we submitted our updated proposal, along with an offer to purchase the property. The IDB voted to get an appraisal on the property before they move on our offer. Things are looking pretty good to BRING JAZZLAND BACK!

In the meantime, we have added the Sportsman's Paradise Resort Hotel to our plans; a unique hospitality offering that is focused on bringing new family tourists to the area. The new brochure can be read HERE. Help spread the word to BRING JAZZLAND BACK!

Jazzland Theme Park - Only Proposal Submitted to City by Deadline
March 5, 2014

The most recent City/IDB RFP had a due date of February 28. We had the only proposal submitted to the City/IDB by this deadline. However, this does not mean that we have won. Not yet anyway. The City/IDB structured the RFP so that they could continue to accept proposals after the deadline, but would give preference to those turned in timely. We believe our proposal is strong and viable. We propose to re-open the New Orleans park as a true celebration of Louisiana. Jazzland Theme Park would be joined by the Backlot Studios production facility. Future phases would include Baritone Beach Waterpark and the Backlot Shoppes mixed-use venue. The full proposal can be read HERE. Help spread the word to BRING JAZZLAND BACK!

New Year, New RFP, New Jazzland!
January 24, 2014

A new year and a new RFP could set the stage for a new Jazzland! As the outlet mall proposal is now officially dead, the City and IDB recently issued a new RFP for the redevelopment of the site. We will be submitting an updated proposal by the due date of February 28. Our plans have remained consistent, although they have matured over the last two years so the proposal will not be exactly the same as the last go round. Our proposal will be publicly posted on Feb. 28th. Be sure to follow us on facebook to keep up to date with the latest information. Continue to spread the news to your friends, neighbors and family to help BRING JAZZLAND BACK!

Agency calls for new proposals for Six Flags site
January 23, 2014 | New Orleans Advocate

There were the Nickelodeon theme park and the sports complex and the water park/resort. All were offered as potential replacements for the shuttered Six Flags amusement park in eastern New Orleans. All were considered by city officials. All came to nothing.

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IDB seeks split with Six Flags development team
September 4, 2013 | City Business (login required)

Uncertainty over the future of the former theme park property has also revealed a lack of details on another major retail development in the city.

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Six Flags site talks continue behind closed doors
July 9, 2013 | City Business (login required)

The discussion about what might happen to the former Six Flags theme park is, for now, a private one between city officials and a developer whose exclusive rights to the site are based on a dead proposal.

Read more: City Business

Developers to pursue alternate, non-retail plan for Six Flags site
June 5, 2013 | City Business (login required)

DAG Development founder David Garcia says the plan is "substantially different" than the outlet mall his team all but killed three months ago. City officials, meanwhile, say nothing is on the table.

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Six Flags outlet mall idea appears dead in water
March 12, 2013 | City Business (login required)

An executive with the company that owns the Riverwalk Marketplace said today it will not partner with city-selected developers to turn the former Six Flags theme park into an upscale outlet mall.

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Proposed outlet mall at Six Flags site appears to be dead
March 12, 2013 | Times Picayune

Plans for an upscale outlet mall at the site of the former Six Flags amusement park in eastern New Orleans appeared to evaporate Tuesday when one of the would-be developers told a city board that the New Orleans market can support only one such venture, and the planned outlet mall at the Riverwalk is so much further along that his project can't compete.

Read more: NOLA.com

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The Jazzland Proposal

TPC-NOLA, Inc. proposes to re-open the park as a true celebration of Louisiana by connecting the dots of community, history, identity, and artistry in a living testimonial to our spirit and pride. Additionally, we propose to add a water park and mixed-use venue to the site, creating a true destination resort.

This proposal for Jazzland includes locally owned businesses and is working with area youth organizations to offer internship programs and art & music education programs at the park.

Why Save Jazzland?

Families of New Orleans would like to be able to bring their children to the park again. The City is trying to attract more tourist by showing them that there is more to the City than Bourbon Street. Jazzland is a perfect fit to add to that campaign and to attract more families to visit.

The infrastructure is already there for it to be a THEME PARK. Historically, the park attracted over 800,000 guests annually while operating seasonally and competing with Astroworld. Today, the closest regional park is over 450 miles away and we plan to operate year-round.