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June 21, 2013

In addition to working and benefiting area non-profits, we want to actively work with the City's schools. A teacher on staff will be creating lesson plans that can help bring the park into the classroom for teachers of all subjects. We also want to assist with career days and other activities where we reach out to elementary, middle, and high school students to show them the varied career opportunities that are available to them. We will also be providing stage performance opportunities for youth bands and choirs.

In order to enhance music and art educational opportunities, we anticipate working with organizations such as the George Rodrigue Foundation for the Arts, the Tipitina's Foundation, and the Ellis Marsalis Center. We will be offering internships focused on art and music, such as sound engineering and stage lighting. We will also be creating a "Music of the Park" CD that will be available in the gift stores. Proceeds from sales will go towards the groups involved in the production of the music, such as the Better Than Ezra Foundation, the Tipitina's Foundation, and the Ellis Marsalis Center.

We are continuing to look for more opportunities that will allow the park to become an even greater asset to the community.

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The Jazzland Proposal

TPC-NOLA, Inc. proposes to re-open the park as a true celebration of Louisiana by connecting the dots of community, history, identity, and artistry in a living testimonial to our spirit and pride. Additionally, we propose to add a water park and mixed-use venue to the site, creating a true destination resort.

This proposal for Jazzland includes locally owned businesses and is working with area youth organizations to offer internship programs and art & music education programs at the park.

Why Save Jazzland?

Families of New Orleans would like to be able to bring their children to the park again. The City is trying to attract more tourist by showing them that there is more to the City than Bourbon Street. Jazzland is a perfect fit to add to that campaign and to attract more families to visit.

The infrastructure is already there for it to be a THEME PARK. Historically, the park attracted over 800,000 guests annually while operating seasonally and competing with Astroworld. Today, the closest regional park is over 450 miles away and we plan to operate year-round.