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November 4, 2019

Theme park specialists will be involved to help create an exciting and memorable environment. A project of this magnitude encompasses many entities that will be involved in the final project. While key contractors have already been identified, they will be added here as negotiations move forward.

McGillivray Consulting Group

McGillivray Consulting Group LLC (MCG) was established in 1998 to provide project and cost management services on capital construction projects for both private and public sector entities. MCG, a global project management resource for the construction industry, specializes in major theme parks, attractions, retail, restaurant, education, municipal and commercial facilities, as well as first-class hotel, resort and timeshare properties, worldwide.

Projects have ranged in size from under $1 million to more than $1 billion. MCG brings to each project, regardless of its size, a reputation for trustworthiness and reliability; an unwavering commitment to meeting deadlines and, of course, maintaining confidentiality in all client relationships.

When you combine MCG's reputation for adhering to the highest standards in business ethics and conduct with our experience in effective management, accurate estimating, project planning, effective cost control and truly creative problem-solving, you have the most exacting formula for success in serving highly discerning clients. We also know that it is essential to our success and the satisfaction of our clients that we understand and respect each client's unique corporate culture. We seek and cultivate the synergy that creates true working partnerships with our clients. We are then able to adapt to and successfully work with their individual business objectives and management styles.

This flexibility is possible because the professionals at MCG have worked on a wide variety of very different projects from design through construction. Our great diversity of experience increases the in-depth knowledge and the added value that we bring to every project. We serve government agencies, owners, developers, architects, attorneys and institutions.


U-Studios is a nationwide multi-disciplined group of architectural and engineering professionals providing services in production and award-winning design for multi-unit restaurant and retail, theme parks, hospitality and corporate architecture. Most recently, they were engaged by Holiday World/Splashin'Safari to help them achieve their goal of growing annual attendance by 50%. Services included existing park evaluation, park realignment and planning, and attraction capacity calculations. The relationship continues as Holiday World implements their plan over the next ten years.

U-Studios, Incorporated offers a broad scope of experience to our national clients, with experience in new, retrofit, remodel, and re-imaged projects. Services include LEED certification opportunities. U-Studios creates environments that emotionally connect to the guest through highly immersive, story-driven design that draws them in and brings them back. Their designers have completed dozens of intriguing projects from initial concept through installation; providing services that include concept development, show treatments, story-boarding, script writing, show directing and choreography, set and custom design, renovation and ground-up architecture.

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The Jazzland Proposal

TPC-NOLA, Inc. proposes to re-open the park as a true celebration of Louisiana by connecting the dots of community, history, identity, and artistry in a living testimonial to our spirit and pride. Additionally, we propose to add a water park and mixed-use venue to the site, creating a true destination resort.

This proposal for Jazzland includes locally owned businesses and is working with area youth organizations to offer internship programs and art & music education programs at the park.

Why Save Jazzland?

Families of New Orleans would like to be able to bring their children to the park again. The City is trying to attract more tourist by showing them that there is more to the City than Bourbon Street. Jazzland is a perfect fit to add to that campaign and to attract more families to visit.

The infrastructure is already there for it to be a THEME PARK. Historically, the park attracted over 800,000 guests annually while operating seasonally and competing with Astroworld. Today, the closest regional park is over 450 miles away and we plan to operate year-round.