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June 21, 2013

The Jazzland proposal includes restoring the original park as a next-generation Jazzland, celebrating Louisiana's unique art, music and cultural heritage. In addition to the theme park, we propose to add a water park and movie backlot studio to the site. Future expansion possibilities include a retail/entertainment venue and youth sports fields.

Let's start by discussing the important part ... financial matters. For the property itself, we proposed a flat cash annual lease payment, plus a guaranty on local sales tax collections of $1.8 million so that the HUD note can be satisfied. If, for any reason, the local sales taxes generated by the site fall short, we will make up the difference so that the HUD note can be paid without having to dip into the general fund.

While our proposal includes several changes to the existing site, plans will only be finalized after we have the opportunity to conduct community meetings so that we can get citizen comments and feedback. In the current conceptual plan, the park's footprint would be expanded slightly. The new water park would be constructed adjacent to the park, with the film back lot at the opposite end of the available acreage. This is illustrated on the park map that can be accessed via the link at the top of this page.

Why the name Jazzland? In addition to being the right name for the theme, let's face it ... this is Louisiana. No matter what name we would put out on the sign, everybody would still call it 'Jazzland', so why fight it? Jazzland will be returned to its roots, a celebration Louisiana. Our intentions are to infuse the park with art, music and cultural elements that highlight our rich heritage. The park will utilize some of the existing elements, while adding others. The park will be divided into four areas:

• "The Quarter" -- focuses on our history
• "The Bayou" -- focuses on our diverse cultures
• "The Beach" -- focuses on our enjoyment of life
• "Sportsman's Paradise" -- focuses on our love of the outdoors

Each area will include a selection of attractions that should appeal to the entire family group. We also are dedicated to having the site serve as a real asset to the community. In addition to the economic impact it should have to the area and the jobs created, we plan on working with area schools and foundations to help inspire youth by exposing them to new career opportunities and to help show them the potential their lives can have. More information on our community involvement plans is available on our Community page.

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The Jazzland Proposal

The Paidia Company submitted a proposal to re-open the park as a true celebration of Louisiana by connecting the dots of community, history, identity, and artistry in a living testimonial to our spirit and pride. Additionally, we propose to add a water park and movie back lot to the site.

This proposal for Jazzland includes locally owned businesses and is working with area youth organizations to offer internship programs and art & music education programs at the park.

Why Save Jazzland?

Families of New Orleans would like to be able to bring their children to the park again. The City is trying to attract more tourist by showing them that there is more to the City than Bourbon Street. Jazzland is a perfect fit to add to that campaign and to attract more families to visit.

The infrastructure is already there for it to be a THEME PARK. Historically, the park attracted over 800,000 guests annually while operating seasonally and competing with Astroworld. Today, the closest regional park is over 450 miles away and we plan to operate year-round.